Dell OptiPlex

Dell OptiPlex

The Dell OptiPlex is a range of desktop computers that are specifically marketed for corporate, government and education sectors. They were redesigned to produce a smarter, faster and sharper experience for the end user. With their durability, efficiency and speed, these make a great addition to any room or office space.

The OptiPlex range has a 3000, 5000 and 7000 series, designed to suit the individual’s needs.  There is also the XE series, which has enhanced performance and features a high heat tolerance and the Micro series, designed especially to be an ultracompact business desktop.

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3000 Series

The most basic model in the Dell OptiPlex range but by no means basic in nature. These desktops are designed to provide all the essentials for your business needs. The 3000 series is also available as an All-In-One.

5000 Series

The next model up in the Dell OptiPlex range is the 5000 series which boasts excellent security and outstanding performance. Its sleek design makes it ideal for financial offices. The 5000 series is also available as an All-In-One.

7000 Series

The 7000 series is designed for maximum performance and with its optional Intel Optane memory, it boots up faster than ever. The 7070 Tower is made with up to 39% of post-consumer recycled plastics as well. It is also available as an All-In-One.

The Dell OptiPlex range prides itself on top security, convenience and versatility. With 9th Gen Intel Core Processors, they have been redesigned to be powerful and attentive with seamless connectivity and stronger signals. There are also additional accessories available such as Mounting and Stand options, soundbars, headsets and a mouse with fingerprint reader.